Information Insight Foresight Strategy


All countries, organizations or parties that want to survive and thrive have to understand the world around them: better, faster and sooner than their competitors or adversaries. The hyper-connectivity of the techno-informational era is transforming the business environment at such an accelerating speed and pace that it will not leave current strategies, business models, operating formulas or organizational designs in tact.

Strategic Intelligence provides decision-makers with an informational advantage over their competitors or adversaries in four ways: 1) identifying, collecting and sharing the right information to the right decision-maker in time; 2) interpreting information in order to provide deeper insight into the world around them; 3) intelligence about the goals, intentions and capabilities of competitors and adversaries; and 4) foresight into the future world in order to prevent surprises,  spot and seize opportunities, and maintain optimum organizational effectiveness over time.

We design, build and train the systems, machines and people to ensure the requisite strategic intelligence capabilities of your organization or team.

Our design and training capabilities in strategic intelligence, geo-political analysis and early warning are well proven and so is our professional ethics. Over the past 9 years we have assisted the United Nations including its Peacekeeping missions in the DRC, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Pakistan; the UN World Food Program; the African Union; the East African Community Early Warning Center; the South African Government as well as various other intelligence, police and security agencies In different parts of the world.

Contact: Andre ZAAIMAN at andreza@mindsight.co.za